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How to View the Samples

The following 3D Photomesh samples are courtesy of Lead'Air, Inc, and Skyline Software Systems, Inc. In combination with Lead'Air's innovative METADUO, the following models generated by PhotoMesh faithfully reproduce the fine details of an aerial survey- all with advanced color balancing and high-quality texturing. To view a particular kit, you must download and install Terra Explorer. This demo version of Terra Explorer does not require a license to view the kit.

Download Terra Explorer Download the MetaDuo Demo README

After having downloaded and installed Terra Explorer, review any of the following 3D PhotoMesh Samples:

  1. Click on the buttons below to download the complete Sample Kit or an area of interest.
  2. Once you've downloaded a kit, unzip the file and double-click the Default.fly file. This will automatically open the kit in Terra Explorer.
  3. Reference the README file for basic instructions on navigating around Terra Explorer.

NOTE: To avoid errors and having to re-download the kit, please ensure that you have adequate disk space available before downloading and decompressing. The Areas of Interest (AOI) are smaller portions of the complete kits. Each AOI focuses on specific locations, which results in smaller file sizes for easier download and distribution.

Imaging, models, and software respectively, are property of Lead'Air, Inc, and Skyline Software Systems, Inc.

Orlando 3 in (7.62 cm) Flight

Orlando 2 in (5.08 cm) Flight

Winter Garden 4 in (10.16 cm) Flight



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