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MIDAS 6Pack Demo

A Photomesh Demo flown with the MIDAS 6PACK

A New Oblique Geometry Concept

The new MIDAS features a new unique oblique geometry concept. Contrary to the previous MIDAS systems, our engineers have improved upon the traditional five cameras configuration with four oblique cameras pointing in four opposite cardinal directions: forward, backward, right, and left with a vertical camera pointing straight down. The new MIDAS system can be best described as a 3D mapping cone. In the case of the Midas6PACK the cameras generate a continuous 360 degrees oblique coverage which extends from the nadir up to 60 degrees (30 degrees below horizon). The camera cone therefore looks uninterruptedly in all directions around the airplane, not just in four unconnected directions like most 3D systems today. The advantage of the Midas6PACK is that its cameras capture a true continuous strip of images comparable to what a super large format camera with a single wide-angle lens would generate. The Midas6PACK Suitable for any project sizes, the Midas6PACK is the most efficient Midas system ever.

As Lead’air is devoted to selling state of the art 3D aerial cameras at an affordable price, we have entirely redesigned the MIDAS to meet the demand for high-quality and high-accuracy aerial cameras for smaller aerial operators and mapping companies who cannot afford investing one million dollars or more for their equipment. The new MIDAS systems have all been fully tested and have successfully generated beautiful and accurate 3D city models on the Skyline Photomesh software.

MidasDUO Interactive Web Sample

Below is a 3D sample flown with Lead'Air's MidasDUO system.
Please refresh the page if you notice that the model is not loading properly.

Reference the following controls to navigate the scene below:

  • PAN: Left Click + Hold
  • ROTATE / TILT: Right Click + Hold
  • ZOOM: Mouse wheel Up / Down

How to MIDAS 6Pack the Samples Locally



The following 3D Photomesh sample is courtesy of Lead'Air, Inc, and Skyline Software Systems, Inc. In combination with Lead'Air's innovative MIDAS 6PACK, the following model generated by PhotoMesh faithfully reproduce the fine details of an aerial survey- all with advanced color balancing and high-quality texturing. To view a particular kit, you must download and install Terra Explorer. This demo version of Terra Explorer does not require a license to view the kit.

Download TerraExplorer Installer Download the Demo Guide

After having downloaded and installed Terra Explorer, review the following 3D PhotoMesh Sample:

  1. Click on the buttons below to download the complete Sample Kit or an Area of Interest.
  2. Once downloaded, unzip the file and double-click the Default.fly file. This will automatically open the kit in Terra Explorer.
  3. Reference the Guide above for basic instructions on navigating around Terra Explorer.

NOTE: To avoid errors and having to re-download the kit, please ensure that you have adequate disk space available before downloading and decompressing. The Area of Interest (AOI) is a smaller portion of the complete kit. The AOI focuses on a specific location, which results in smaller file sizes for easier download and distribution.

Imaging, models, and software respectively, are property of Lead'Air, Inc, and Skyline Software Systems, Inc.

Current Builds

Local Description File Size Link
Orlando Orlando (1in) - Complete 37.8 GB Download
Orlando Orlando (1in) - AOI 1.4 GB Download

Previous Builds

Local Description File Size Link
Kissimmee KISM Airport (1in) - Complete 24.6 GB Download
Ft. Myers Hurricane Ian - Ft Myers (1in) - AOI 1 28.2 GB Download
Hurricane Ian - Ft Myers (1in) - AOI 2 11.4 GB Download
Hurricane Ian - Ft Myers (1in) - AOI 3 15.3 GB Download
Hurricane Ian - Ft Myers (1in) - Complete 82.6 GB Download
Miami Miami (1in) - AOI 1 21.1 GB Download
Miami (1in) - AOI 2 13.2 GB Download
Miami (1in) - AOI 3 6.4 GB Download
Miami (1in) - Complete 44.5 GB Download
Orlando Orlando (3in) AOI 2.81 GB Download
Orlando (2in) AOI 10.2 GB Download
Orlando (1.5in) AOI 9.81 GB Download
Orlando (3in) - Complete Kit 16.6 GB Download
Orlando (2in) - Complete Kit 71.8 GB Download
Orlando (1.5in) - Complete Kit 46.8 GB Download
Winter Garden Winter Garden (4in) AOI 13.6 GB Download
Winter Garden (4in) - Complete Kit 118 GB Download



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