How do I adjust the SteadyTrack mount limits?

The SteadyTrack Mount can be limited in any axis and in any direction so that the sensors attached to the mount do not capture the fuselage cut-off. The user may adjust these limits as follows:

  1. In snapshot, connect all devices using GPS button.
  2. Wait one minute for all mount values to be loaded.
  3. In snapshot, look at the top menu, go to 10-Equipment > 18-SteadyTrack.
  4. Select the Configuration Tab.

OPTIONAL: The user may wish to find what values they would like to use (ie test for cut-off). This can be done on the ground rather than during flight. The user can enter values into the
Manually Move Mount section. For example, to test the Left Side of the hole, Move mount +9 Roll. Once the values are entered, Press the Take Control button to move the mount to that position. Open up aperture, etc. of the camera settings and take a manual shot and view image to see if cut-off still exists. Once done press the release control button. Towards middle bottom look at Calibrate User Mount Limits section. Enter the desired values. Hit Set these limits. Finally, reboot the entire system and check that values are correct.



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