How do I adjust the SteadyTrack speed?

The SteadyTrack mount follows the guidance of the IMU. Depending on the weight of the sensor and the center of gravity the mount, it may under-correct, not follow the IMU fast enough for optimal accuracy , or over-correct, shoot past the value given by the IMU and then correct back to its proper point, possibly causing an oscillation within the mount movement . Therfore the user may adjust the speed of the mount to deliver the best possible accuracy. The user may adjust the SteadyTrack Mount speed following the steps below:

  1. In snapshot, connect all devices using GPS button.
  2. Wait one minute for all mount values to be loaded.
  3. In snapshot, look at the top menu, go to 10-equipment > 18-SteadyTrack.
  4. Select the Mount Speed tab.
  5. Click on the axis you wish to adjust under the Fast column.
  6. The value being adjusted will be highlighted in yellow.
  7. Use the bar on the right to make the mount faster if the mount tends to under-correct and slower if the mount tends to over-correct, especially in turbulence.
  8. We suggest added or subtracting a value of 2 depending on the circumstance.
  9. Press the Send these changes to mount button.
  10. At this time you can observe the mount while online.
  11. If you would like these settings to be permanent, then press the Save These Changes button.



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