Digital Sensor System


The Lead'Air Digital Sensor System (DSS) is capable of producing highly accurate orthophotos, stereo photos, and mosaics while still in the air. The DSS is a flexible platform that is customized to meet a variety of needs. With multiple camera options, the system is ideal for data collection tasks ranging from corridor and GIS mapping to disaster response and tactical mapping. The Lead'Air DSS and the In-Flight Ortho Software Suite produces full-resolution ortho-rectified imagery in the aircraft as it is captured and delivers consistent, reliable, and highly accurate mapping grade results.

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Ortho-Rectified Images and Mosaic Data

The Lead'Air DSS comes with a rugged FAA-approved military grade 19" rack. The SSD array is removable and ready for data upload upon landing. The DSS processes 300 megapixels of imagery per second. Ideal for disaster response and tactical mapping, the DSS produces full-resolution ortho-rectified images.


±30° drift, ±15° pitch and roll

The DSS (above) in the vertical position.


±355° drift, ±60° pitch and roll

The DSS (above) in the lowered oblique position.

New Stabilized Suspension System

Our DSS mount is a fully stabilized camera suspension system. This innovative system allows the camera to lower into the camera hole and provide optimal positioning, no matter the depth of the aircraft hole. Our suspension system allows the camera to use wider angle lenses, as well as lower and rotate to 45° for oblique capture.

Powerful Computer Control Center

The Lead'Air MIDAS Computer Control Center controls the DSS and takes advantage of the years of development in creating the world-renowned oblique imaging system. The MIDAS computer control center contains all necessary controls for the camera, IMU, navigation interface, stabilized mount, and all power functions for the system.

Tech Specs


In-Flight Ortho Software Suite

The In-Flight Ortho Software Suite is a complete ready-to-use medium-format digital aerial imaging solution. It captures full-resolution ortho-rectified imagery in the aircraft. Images develop automatically corrected and ortho-rectified using a preloaded DEM and the real-time exterior orientation produced by the embedded POS AV system.

Ultra-fast Image Delivery

With the In-Flight Ortho Software Suite, produce map-ready ortho imagery while airborne. Results are consistent, reliable, and highly accurate mapping grades. Our Software Suite is a complete end-to-end solution that allows you to plan efficient missions in both vertical and oblique positions.




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