How do I run a ground test?

A ground test sends a fake GPS signal to the MIDAS to force the cameras to fire as they would in flight. To run a ground test do the following:

  1. In Snapshot load they flight plan and then go to 6-Tools > 5-Troubleshooting > 4-Make camera ground test.
  2. Select last check box Do not automatically start a photo run.
  3. Use the Simulator (bottom right corner) turn dial Up or down to change speed of aircraft.
  4. If the simulated aircraft is flying too fast, the cameras will not be able to keep up.
  5. If you like, select button 10 on Right side of screen, this will auto select line after line.
  6. Select a line and let system fire as many shots as you feel comfortable.
  7. If button 10 was used, be mindful of how many triggers you are applying to the camera.

No more than 2000 shots is recommended.



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