"Mobile SnapSHOT" Is No Longer Available

If you are operating on Mobile SnapSHOT 1.7.8 or earlier, there is a known issue in which SnapSHOT will display the following error on launch: "Mobile SnapSHOT" is no longer available." To resolve this issue, follow the steps below.


Download the pilot display app from the App Store to the iPad

  • Open Settings app on the iPad, tap Wi-Fi and select a Wi-Fi with an Internet connection
  • Open Safari and tap + icon on the upper right corner of the display
  • Enter the following in the textbox near the top https://trackair.us/mobile
  • Tap the Apple logo on the right to go to the App Store
  • Sign in with an Apple ID account and password to download the pilot display app
  • If you do not have an Apple ID account, create one HERE →
  • Tap Install then tap Done
  • Tap Always Require when prompted: Require password for additional purchases on this device.
  • Wait for the app to finish installing
  • Tap OPEN to verify if the app is installed
  • Press the Home button to go back to the Home Screen

Remove the Apple ID and forget the Wi-Fi Network with Internet

  • Open Settings app
  • Tap User Account near the top
  • Scroll to the bottom on the right side and tap Sign Out
  • Tap Wi-Fi on the left side
  • Tap the circled i next to the Wi-Fi with Internet on the right
  • Tap Forget This Network
  • Tap Forget when prompted
  • Select the wi-fi used by snapSHOT
  • Double press the home button and swipe all apps up to close them

Open a flight plan on the iPad

  • Open snapSHOT and open a flight plan
  • Tap Mobile snapSHOT icon on the dock near the bottom of the display to load the flight plan opened in snapSHOT
  • You now can use the pilot display on iPad.



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