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* Offer valid through End of Year 2023, while supplies last.

Extending our series of Flight Management Systems, the NexTrack 3 is reliable and versitile FMS equipped with the latest Trackā€™Air X-Track software with 8 seats included! The NEW NexTrack3 design is at home indoors, outside, in freezing temperatures and extreme heat. With our X-Track software it creates a rugged version of our Sensor Operator Tablets. The tablet adapts ideally to any aircraft environment. The tablet software is exclusively configured to run the X-Track snapSHOT in-flight software module at startup and the operating system is entirely protected from unintentional corruption. The touchscreen is a high quality display with a wide viewing angle and backlighting suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The Pilot Display is the Apple iPad mini which wirelessly connects to the Sensor Operator Tablet and the Pilot also has the ability to select flight lines as well as other controls.

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