How do I repair a corrupted database?

Repair a corrupted database:

  1. Open snapBASE.
  2. In the Main Menu go to Database Maintenance.
  3. Select the Maintenance tab.
  4. Create a backup of the corrupted database.
  5. Press Repair Database button.
  6. Close and reopen the program.

If this does not resolve the issue:

  1. Go to Database Maintenance.
  2. Select the Change database tab.
  3. Near the bottom, type in a new database name eg. Tracker2 and click the add button.
  4. When it asks if you want to transfer the camera data answer YES.
  5. Apply and close. Close and reopen snapBASE.
  6. Select 3) Import or update projects on the main menu.
  7. Select Locate files to Import and go to C:\Tracker\MDB and select the original corrupt database. Importing data from a corrupt database can sometimes resolve the issue.

If the database is STILL corrupt you will need to revert to a previous backup of the database before the corruption occurred. Data that was created after this date will have to be recreated, unless you had exported the flight plans prior to the corruption and you can re-import them after the following steps.

  1. You will have backup files in either:
    • C:\Tracker\MDB\USERBACK or
    • C:\Tracker\MDB\dbbackup or
    • Wherever you normally keep your backup files.
  2. You will need to copy this file and put it in your C:\Tracker\MDB\ folder and change the extension to .mdb. You can also change the name as well if you wish.
  3. Open snapBASE.
  4. Go to Database Maintenance.
  5. Select the Change database tab.
  6. Select the new database and click apply. Your backup is now your primary database.



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