Issues with SnapBase drag-and-drop searching street address functionality in Windows 10.

If you have issues with SnapBase Drag-and-Drop or Searching Street Address:

In order to have this working with Windows 10 it is required to switch off the Windows User Account Control (UAC). This will put your computer into vulnerable state and you should switch UAC on again when SnapBase Drag-and-Drop or Searching Street Address operation is finished.

  1. Download the following file: Download
  2. Choose a save destination and click Save.
  3. Extract the folder ‘UAC on-off’to the Desktop or an easily detectable location on your PC. Inside that folder you will find two files to switch UAC off and on again.
  4. Double-click one of these files.
  5. Agree to all questions.
  6. Restart your computer.



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