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Breaking from the traditions of the stabilized mounts (gimbals) of the past, we have created the SPHAIR mount series. Designed to allow the sensors to lower further into the aircraft sensor port, to stay centered while stabilizing in three axes, and to avoid data cutoff when extreme aircraft movements cause the traditional mount to push the sensor toward the edge of the port. SPHAIR is a new generation aerial survey stabilized mount with a range of compensation twice as large as any existing stabilized mount on the market, ± 15 degrees bank , ±12 degrees pitch, ±45 degree drift (max roll + max pitch + max yaw possible). The SPHAIR mounts are built in different sizes, comfortably fitting a single, medium format camera all the way to the largest sensors from Riegl and Vexcel.

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Do you have different equipment than we are showing? Since we manufacture our equipment onsite, most of our systems can be reconfigured, and we can create a custom mount configuration to fit your equipment. Contact us for a quotation.

Why do you need a SPHAIR mount?

Our solution is the newly designed SPHAIR mount that can correct +/- 15 degrees bank, +/- 12 degrees pitch, and +/- 45 degrees drift with most sensors and with airplane camera holes as small as 19 inches in diameter. This mount keeps the field of view well below the edges of the camera hole to prevent image cutoff. Thanks to a patented mechanism that is different from any other stabilized mount, this is a reality.

This inspired design will allow your company to develop more efficient planning methods taking advantage of the high range of corrections that the SPHAIR allows. Flying smooth curves to follow a winding ground feature or following terrain height to maintain a constant altitude above ground is now possible. If the aircraft does not pitch or bank to exceed the limits of the mount, the sensor will remain perfectly vertical and closely centered in the camera hole. On a so-called corridor project (meandering feature, river, road, pipeline, powerline, other), being able to fly a continuous curved path instead of breaking the project into multiple segments requiring a 360 turn at the end of each run could mean saving more than 50% of the flying time and production costs.

The arrival of the SPHAIR mount is very well-timed. Currently, the market only offers a traditional stabilization platform which initially was intended for aerial survey cameras. We often have heard that with some large LiDAR systems, this one-size-fits-all stabilized mount is not satisfactory because these systems lose a portion of their field of view due to cut off by the camera hole. This information comes from clients who approached our company inquiring if Lead'Air stabilized mounts are suitable for their LIDARs systems.

The SPHAIR MOUNT has the ability to move along the floor left-right and forwardbackward to prevent the field of view from being cut off by the sides of the camera well. All while fully stabilizing the sensor system in 3 axes!

The SPHAIR Mounts distinctive movements place the central pivot point just 4 inches from the bottom of the sensor and the sensor is lowered as far into the hole as practicable.

sphair mount placeholder

Mount Specifications

Standard 20in (51cm) camera hole: Performances:
Maximum Roll Compensation -15° to +15°
Maximum Pitch Compensation -12° to +12°
Maximum Yaw Compensation -45° to +45°
Max Roll + Max Pitch + Max Yaw Possible
Altitude Control IMU Data
Maximum correction reaction speed 15° per second
Typical Residual Deviation from Vertical < 0.2°
Weight (XL) 170 lbs / 77 kg
FMS Interface X-Track and Programmable API
IMU Interface Applanix, Novatel and others using NMEA
Voltage 22 to 30 VDC
Power Consumption at 28V DC Average 15A, 270W | Peak 20A, 360W
Operating Temperature 0°C to +55°C
Storage Temperatures -40°C to +85°C
Payload 250 lbs. / 114 kg
Standards RTCA DO-160-G
Conformity CE, FCC
Crash Resistance Calculated 9G



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