STX-120 Mount

A Small Mount With Enormous Capabilities


Lead'Air's latest addition is a small mount with enormous capabilities. The small form STX-120 mounts to a helicopter, fixed-wing, or UAV. Because the world of aerial image capture shifted significantly concerning acquisition platforms in recent years, the mount positions for the system are necessarily customizable. Small enough to fit virtually any helicopter, fixed-wing, or professional UAV, this robust mount is also capable of flying without a sensor operator, making the unit truly versatile for numerous applications. The innovative design features Lead'Air's Rapid Change mounting rings that allow the user to change sensors in the field. Four screws remove the sensor along with its mounting ring. Additional rings are available for various sensors.

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Do you have different equipment than we are showing? Since we manufacture our equipment onsite, most of our systems can be reconfigured, and we can create a custom mount configuration to fit your equipment. Contact us for a quotation.


Fully Stabilized with IMU Data


STX-120 fully stabilized system compensates for roll, pitch, and yaw using streaming data from an IMU assuring proper Nadir or oblique alignment of the sensor at all times during the flight. Designed by Lead'Air's in-house engineering and built in our manufacturing facility, we provide our assurance that this mount meets our own rigorous standards for proper aviation safety.

Multiple Mounting Configurations


The mount self-calibrates within seconds and installs in four directions. Whether it is along, against, or even perpendicular to the direction of flight, the STX Sensor mount adjusts to best fit the shape and layout of any aircraft. As a result, the mount can relocate on other aircraft is easy. Several mount apparatus are available depending on the platform type. The new Micro STX Controller contains all the electronics necessary for the operation of the mount in flight. The controller must connect to an IMU, such as an Applanix, Novatel or another compatible device. If needed the STX controller can expand at will by adding several modules. These modules include the Track'Air Flight Management module, an Applanix AP IMU module, a Riegl Lidar control module, and more.

Micro STX Controller

With a size of only 5" x 5" x 3.5" the controller can conveniently be positioned in any aircraft. It is possible to limit the mount to a lesser degree when facing the fuselage or an obstruction, such as the side of a narrow hole. For example, of the 14° of the available pitch, limiting the mount to 8° can prevent it from touching an obstacle.


Phase One Compatibility

The STX-120 is fully compatible with Phase One's iXU-R lightweight cameras. Phase One iXU-R cameras provide a metric quality camera for the aerial photography industry. The iXU-R camera offers flexibility for users with a need for medium format photography from a helicopter or light aircraft. The STX-120 has been customized specifically for the iXU-R and provides a lightweight package complete with a fully stabilized mount. Our X-Track FMS software (optional) fully controls the STX-120. The adaptable mounting apparatus on our mount allows the system to install on various types of helicopters, UAVs, as well as fixed-wing aircraft.


Technical Specifications


Power Requirements: 24 - 28 Volts at 12 - 13 Amps
Size: 8.3in W x 6in L x 3in H
(211mm W x 153mm L x 76mm H)
Sensor: Single DSLR, Medium Format or LiDAR
Altitude: Max 13,000ft
Operating Temperature: 32°F to 140°F
(0°C - 60°C)
Shock / Vibration: Pneumatic Shock Absorbers
IMU (optional): Integrated Applanix AP20 IMU

Fully Stabilized Mount

Drift Correction: Automatic; Motorized ±29°
Pitch / Roll Leveling: Automatic; Motorized ±9° / ±11°
Camera Angle: Fixed Angle (Customizable)
Shock / Vibration: Pneumatic Shock Absorbers
Aircraft Options: Large UAVs, helicopters or fixed wing aircrafts

Weight And Balance (Variable with individual system configurations.)

STX-120 Mount (w/ DSLR Camera and IMU) : ±9.7lbs (3.6kg)
UTRACK Controller: Between 1 - 3lbs (0.4 - 1.3kg)
Dependant on model




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