How do I update the FAA US airspaces?

FAA information for the United States can now be embedded into flight plans. This feature can be accessed through SnapPLAN, SnapPLOT and SnapSHOT. The data is updated monthly and can be downloaded via SnapPLAN or SnapSHOT.

For a manual download of the file, click here:

If you do not want the airspace division lines to show in your project, simply go to the toolbar and select option 2- Hide option and click on Hide airspace.

Airspace surrounding the current project can also be viewed in a list format which allows you to highlight the ones which are of most importance to the project. Go to the toolbar and select 5-Tools, then click on option 18- Show airspace form. This airspace form is available only on SnapSHOT and SnapPLAN.

FAA data is updated once a month, so make sure you download the latest data from our servers by going to the Config menu on the Airspaces form and clicking Download Latest FAA Airspace Data.

To use in flight, in snapPLAN export the plan and check include airspaces to use FAA-Airspaces in Snapshot.

Note: This applies to US airspace only.



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